LED Lighting News and Technologies in New Zealand

Cheap Plug Bases for LED Downlight Installation

Unbelievable price we sell for the plug bases. Only $2.40+gst. This product was imported for our electrician customers. Most of them prefer to using the plug bases instead of quick connectors. Similar products are sold at $7.97 at Bunnings. 
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Extremely High Effectancy LED High Bay Lights at 180lm/w

Thanks to the latest LED technologies, our new high bay lights imported this year might be one of the most efficient LED lights on the New Zealand market. The light efficiency of high bay lights on the current market in NZ is below 150lm/w. The most common one is about 130lm/w. But the light efficiency of our latest high bay lights has surprisingly reached 180lm/w which is nearly 40% more efficient than the old lights.
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LED Lighting Technologies Help Lantern Festival 2021 Safer

Lantern Festival 2021 will be held from 25-28 February 2021 in Auckland if there is no lockdown in New Zealand at that time. Every year Lantern Festival is Auckland’s largest cultural festival and New Zealand’s annual four-day festival celebrating Chinese New Year and Chinese culture. But this year you will find most of lanterns use LED technology now. Lanterns with candles are no longer popular any more. LED will make the festival safer and colourful. LED also save a lot of energy for us. Do you know LED can helps to New Zealand to save 1.6 billion kwh every year if all kiwis change their bulbs to LED at home?
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