Thanks to the latest LED technologies, our new high bay lights imported this year might be one of the most efficient LED lights on the New Zealand market.
The " high bay" refers to an interior space which is formed by a skeletal steel framework designed for some types of industrial facilities like industrial production, warehousing and storage, indoor sports, big box retail, exhibition and convention. Most of them have hard-to-reach ceilings, expansive spaces, harsh operating conditions, and long running hours. These challenges place high demands on the robustness and efficiency of highbay lights. The highbay lights are also called as UFO lights due to the shape.
The light efficiency of high bay lights on the current market in NZ is below 150lm/w. The most common one is about 130lm/w.  But the light efficiency of our latest high bay lights has reached 180lm/w which is nearly 40% more efficient than the old lights. The light can save more powers and produce more lumens for us. Please click below for more details about the new high bay LED lights