1. Certificate - must meet AS/NZS standards 60598.2.2 for any LED downlights sold in NZ.
2. Quality - good quality driver, LED clips and heat transfer system. Quality can be roughly judged from the downlight's weight.

3. Dimmable - dimmable LED downlights are 20-50% more expensive.
4. IP rating - at least IP44 rated for LED downlights used in wet areas in NZ.
5. Insulation contact rating - IC or IC-F rated LED downlights for safe insulation covering in NZ.
6. Brightness - 700 - 1000 lumens per downlight for residential use.
7. Light colour - warm white 3000K LED downlights recommended for residential use in NZ.
8. Beam angle - a spotlight for narrow angle or a light with wide beam angles will cover more lighting areas
9. Cut-out size - measure the size of your existing downlights holes if any
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1. LED tube lights save up to 70% power in comparison to normal fluorescent tubes. 24W 5ft LED tube lights emit similar amount of lumens as 58W fluorescent tubes and 18W 4ft LED tube lights is equal to 36W fluorescent tubes. Considering the power consumption of ballasts, LED tube lights can save up to 70% powers.
2. Our LED tube lights are specifically designed to retrofit old fluorsecent tubes with magnetic ballasts. No electrian is required to replace your fluorsecent tubes with our LED tubes. You can simply replace the starts with provided LED starters and then replace the tubes.
3. For fluorescent tube light with electronic ballasts, you will need an electrician to bypass the ballasts which is very simple.
4. Typically the cost of replacement will be paid back by your power bill in 8 - 10 months.